Packaging rations

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Packaging rations

Post  SaddleTramp on Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:14 pm

Problem I am trying to sort is the packadging for actual use as opposed to display only...

Designing and producing boxes and packets for living history displays is ok, as they're non edible, but for edible, repackadging foods stuffs means physically handling the food itself, and the problem of contamination ....

My question for you guys is this, would you feel it acceptable for modern packadging items included in say, a K or a C ration?... Items like the coffee part, obviously placing inside a sachet of commercial coffee would have modern markings and would take away the visual ambience, whilst promoting some form of actual experience of preparing the ration "as it was done"... In other words, you take out the modern sachet of coffee from a authentic box or can and make brew up....

Or, something I have seen is a modern sachet of coffee with a labelled outer glued on as an authntic covering...

Your thoughts, if any...


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