V42 stampings

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V42 stampings

Post  John Dallimore on Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:28 pm

I have a good service battalion story for you. A man named Kasimir Klemba was in the Force's service battalion. You sometimes see pictures of him on ebay for sale, and one of our FSSF reenactors in Illinois actually has his uniform. Anyway, one day Frederick decided that he wanted the V-42's to be stamped with a serial number. These were NOT the first 500 knives made with the numbers already on the knife from the factory. He asked Kasimir(aka Casey) to stamp the knives. Unfortunately the blades of the V42's were so hard that the stamps could hardly mark the blade, so the idea was dropped. If you ever pick up a V42 and examine the side opposite the thumbprint, look very closely, maybe with a magnifying glass, for those numbers. Very few have the faint attempts of Casey at identifying those knives.
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