V42 sheaths

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V42 sheaths

Post  John Dallimore on Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:00 am

I recently almost purchased a v42 sheath on ebay. It was original, and eventually sold for $1700 US. Yes, $1700 U.S.!!!!!! Anyway, it was good to have it there as a comparison because the topic of fake v42 sheaths came up. A company named Chicago Precision made excellent repro's in the 1970's. They had the company logo inside the belt loop (CPPI) stamped in white. It has been written that their only fault was that the snap that held the knife handle was incorrect(larger) and that they used tubular rivets to reinforce the leather of the belt loop, instead of the roiginal solid rivets.

I'm currently researching this because I got what I was told was an original sheath with his v42 from a veteran in Texas. It resembled the Chicago Precision type sheath more than the accepted original. One knife collector told me there were two original contractors for the sheath. Perhpas there were variations between the two manufacturers, and Chicago Precision chose the least known one.

If anyone has any info on this, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I have Don Smith from our Wisconsin section photographing some of his sheaths right now, as well as Eric Morgansen who hosts another FSSF website. He has his grandfathers original V42.

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